Embrace Your Journey & Reconnect with Your Partner As An Expat Dad

Avoid These 5 Costly Mistakes Expat Dads Make And Save Your Marriage

This eBook provides the roadmap to a more fulfilled expat experience.

  • Learn how to build deeper relationships with your family, community, and yourself, even in a foreign land.

  • Discover the power of open and honest communication to strengthen your marriage and navigate challenges with ease.

  • Gain insights and practical tips for integrating into your new culture while staying true to your identity.

  • Explore exercises and prompts designed to help you reconnect with your passions, values, and sense of purpose.


David Ecklund

Your Trusted Guide on This Journey

David Ecklund isn't just a relationship coach; he's a beacon of hope for expat dads seeking balance and fulfillment in their lives. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by expatriates, David is committed to empowering you to thrive, not just survive, in your expat journey. His compassionate approach, coupled with practical wisdom, has transformed the lives of countless expat dads around the globe.

David's approach is characterized by empathy, insight, and practical guidance. He's committed to empowering you to preserve your identity, strengthen your relationships, and navigate the expat journey with confidence.

With David Ecklund by your side, you're gaining a trusted ally who understands your unique experiences and is dedicated to helping you write the next chapter of your expat story.


Hear From Those Who Have Transformed Their Lives


David has a personal and comfortable way of conveying some really transformational techniques. I have found them fairly easy to integrate into everyday life. Drawing on past experiences and new ideas David has incorporated, I’ve been able to change old patterns for a more positive state of being. After only two visits, I’ve found it as helpful as several counselor sessions.

Genuine and authentic are some ways to describe David. Our meetings have been enjoyable, stress-free, and with an atmosphere where it’s easy to be open and yourself.


David asked pointed questions and listened deeply and carefully. He offered insightful frameworks and facilitated transformative processes that dramatically changed my emotional and mental state from unproductive and avoidant to more whole, integrated and motivated. If you show up and do the work he will really help!

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